Episode 07: The True understanding of what is a mans spirit and a mans soul

May 10, 2019
The spirit within man is a piece of God Himself. It is our power house and life. Every work our spirit produces is what makes up our soul. To be born again one must produce new works, a New Soul.
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Episode 06: The Fullness of Almighty God in the Lord Jesus Christ

May 03, 2019
Only eating of the Tree of Life can a Son of God Know and Experience the Fullness of God and His Eternal Life.
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Episode 05: Predestination of Gods Elect

April 26, 2019
Predestination has nothing to do with this first creation at all. The first creation is a sacrifice to perfect Gods Second Creation. It is the Second Creation which God has predetermined before the foundation of the world to come into salvation
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Episode 04: The Godhead is One God working in and through 3 distinct Offices of The Father, Jesus Christ, and The Holy Angels.

April 19, 2019
The Fullness of God is that He is the Father who has Created all spirits within every single created being. He then Fully dwells within Jesus Christ, One of the Fathers Created Spirits, when He Raised Jesus up from the dead, causing Jesus Christ to Inherit or become One with every single created spirit of the Father. Making Jesus EQUAL with the Father. This is also our Inheritance too, in Christ.
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Episode 03: Forgiving Sin in yourself and others by the Power of the Death, Burial, and Resurrection of The Lord Jesus Christ

April 12, 2019
There are two different types of forgiveness, one that is of the world and one that is of the Power and working of The Lord Jesus Christs Death, Burial, and Resurrection. The forgiveness of the world only causes a person to either become a partaker of anothers sin in order to restore fellowship or hateful judgment towards them. Jesus Christs forgiveness causes a person to be totally released from all sin and judgment, whether it is their own sin or others.
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