Episode 03: Forgiving Sin in yourself and others by the Power of the Death, Burial, and Resurrection of The Lord Jesus Christ

April 12, 2019
There are two different types of forgiveness, one that is of the world and one that is of the Power and working of The Lord Jesus Christs Death, Burial, and Resurrection. The forgiveness of the world only causes a person to either become a partaker of anothers sin in order to restore fellowship or hateful judgment towards them. Jesus Christs forgiveness causes a person to be totally released from all sin and judgment, whether it is their own sin or others.
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Episode 02: In these End Times God will once again use the Nation of Israel to be Glorified through

April 06, 2019
We are presently in the hour of the Lord Jesus Christs 2nd appearance. Before Jesus God had used the Nation of Israel to display His Salvation by their Physical Redemption only. After Jesus Resurrection God has displayed His Salvation in the Church by their Spiritual Redemption Only. But now it is soon time for God to display both the Spiritual and the Physical Redemption. And He will do this once again in and through the Nation of Israel for the world to see and Glorify God their Creator.
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Episode 01: The True Born Again Experience by The Lord Jesus Christs Death Burial and Resurrection

March 29, 2019
Being Truly Born Again by the Lord Jesus Christs Death Burial and Resurrection causes a Believer to cast off ALL of his or her old works of sin and death. This enables one to rise completely out of their grave and walk in Newness of Life WITHOUT sin. Walk by the Faith of this truth and not by sight until it comes to pass whether in this life or the next.
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