Young Man The Prophet

--- Matthew Espenlaub ---

Preaching unto all mankind the True and Living Salvation of God our Father through Jesus Christ His Sons Death Burial and Resurrection
Brought to you by Matthew Espenlaub of Young Man The Prophet

Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 13: The sacrifice of Jesus Christ reveals the Spiritual Sacrifice of the Father

    Jesus Christ had sacrificed ALL of Himself on the cross. This reveals to us that God our Father has sacrificed ALL of Himself in order to Create His 2nd Creation. And just as Jesus was Fully Released from the grave, so too will the Father be fully released. ...


  2. Episode 12: Why King David did not and could not kill King Saul

    King Saul is our flesh and it serves a Righteous purpose within Gods plan of Redemption. A Son of God, King David, can not put to death ones flesh by ones own power. It takes the Lord Jesus Christs Work of the Cross. ...


  3. Episode 11: The 2 Witnesses of Revelation 11

    The 2 Witnesses of Rev 11 have experienced the release from ALL of their sin by the Lord Jesus Christs Death Burial and Resurrection. This is what they are going to be witnessing in GREAT POWER. Did I mention that they are a man and a woman? ...


  4. Episode 10: The Gospel of Jesus Christ is NOT the prosperity gospel that is preached in the world today

    To be Born from Heaven one must die to this 1st creation, including this physical body. But the prosperity gospel truly preaches that you must covet this 1st creation, and do all that you can do to save it from destruction. ...


  5. Episode 09: The Sons of God within Israel shall rule the world

    Salvation shall be given unto the Sons of God of Israel by the 2 witnesses of Revelation 11. The 2 witnesses shall bridge the gap of the Gentile Church and Israel, because they will come out from the Church. ...